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Bunny Chests are magical loot-boxes that contain random items from the Bunny Knights universe inside. When they're opened, three items will automatically appear on your wallet, and you can use them to upgrade your bunny* or trade them on the secondary market. To learn more, check our FAQ.



No! Bunny Chests are spin-off items of the main project and can be purchased by anyone. If you know nothing about Bunny Knights or Tezos, we recommend checking our about page.

When a Bunny Chest is opened, the owner automatically receives 3 random items. These items are part of the Bunny Knights universe and can or cannot be used to upgrade your Bunny Knight. (Check all the items here).

To open a Bunny Chest, just go to, connect your wallet, go to the "items" tab and then click on the chest image icon to start the process. (There are no charges from us to open a chest, but you'll still pay the gas fees).

Supply 1
(Available now)
Supply 2
(Locked to the game)

The total chest supply is 5000 chests, and the first ones were airdropped for free to bunny holders in a promotional event on Aug 18, 2021. Now 2000 chests are available officially for sale, and the other 2761 will be unlocked only when the game releases.

Bunny coins are items with an "Uncommon" rarity type and can be found inside Bunny Chests (everyone has a 38% of chance to get uncommon items from a chest). These coins have no real utility in the current stage of the project, but you can use them now to redeem bunnies on the secret shop (scroll up the page and find the "???" tab!).

Yes! You can trade them as a normal NFT on Hic et Nunc or

* Not all items have effects or real utility at the current stage of the project, some of them are just collectibles now. Check out our exclusive item section on the about page to learn more.