Bunny Knight is an ambitious project: we are building here a big ecosystem mixing NFT collectibles and an online RPG game project. Our team (we are officially two devs) is putting in all the efforts needed to ensure a polished, consistent, and durable project. Curious about what's next? Check below our full roadmap:


Start of development

A Bunny Knights RPG game starts to be developed on Unity/WebGL.


A game prototype is done. 1x1 PvP battles are confirmed.

Alpha version

Alpha version finished. A small group of collectors will be invited to test the game.

Game Teaser

A basic version of the game is close to be finished, and a game teaser will be revealed.

Beta Version

A polished version is finished and ready to be played for all the bunny collectors.


Implementation of a play-to-earn system.


Collection started

500 bunnies will be minted on Tezos blockchain!

Bunny Knights Website

Gallery, leaderboard, wallet connection and more on bunnyknights.com!

RPG attributes

XP, Levels and stats implemented. Collectors can earn points now trade the bunnies or hodling them.

Bunny Chests

Contract deployed: KT1RG..JYDB

Our new lootbox feature was revealed with the first 39 items!

Item Interaction

Contract deployed: KT1Nh..LWZ4

Some items received from the chest can be used on the bunnies now!

Post collection

An expansion proposal will be sent to all old collectors after the #500.

Legendary services

Collectors can hire Legendary Bunny Knights to upgrade their own bunnies or earn items (legendary owners will be paid in this process)